Heathcote Veterinary Centre
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Practice Facilities

Diagnostic Imaging

The practice has a dedicated imaging suite for X rays and ultrasonography. This suite is used on a daily basis to take x rays and scans. These techniques help us to diagnose clinical conditions and treat them. In 2012 we installed a very modern digital X ray development facility. We now no longer use traditional X ray film and chemical developing. This facility allows us to achieve much better quality X rays more quickly than the by the traditional methods. We upgraded our ultrasound machine in 2014 enabling enhanced imaging.

Operating Theatre

The practice has two dedicated operating theatres which we use on a daily basis to perform routine and emergency surgeries. Cleanliness in operating theatres is paramount. The theatres have been  designed and are maintained to optimise cleanliness. Both theatres have specialist lighting, piped gas for anaesthesia and anaesthetic monitoring equipment.

Separate Cat and Dog Wards

The practice has separate cat and dog wards. These wards are used for cats and dogs coming in for day procedures and for longer term hospitalised patients.


Dental Services

Dental disease is very common in dogs, cats and rabbits. Heathcote Veterinary Centre has a full range of specialist dental equipment to perform a whole variety of dental treatments.


The practice takes a number of blood and other samples from dogs and cats every day. A large preportion of these samples can be processed in our own practice laboratory. This allows us to diagnose and monitor a whole variety of medical disorders with results being available ten minutes after the sample has been taken. This combined with our 15 minute appointment times often enables us to obtain laboratory results and discuss them with you while you wait.


Opthalmology Equipment

Unusually for a first opinion practice, Heathcote Veterinary Centre is equipped with a slit lamp and a tonometer. Slit lamps are used to examine the eye in much more detail than can be achieved with basic opthalmic equipment. Tonometers are used to measure the pressure within the eye. This is useful in diagnosing and monitoring glaucoma (high intraocular pressure).


Practice Ambulance

The practice has an ambulance for a number of years. The ambulance is used for nurse visits and transporting pets between their homes and the surgery. Please contact the surgery if you would like to utilise this service. We regret that we are unable to transport pets' owners in the ambulance.