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Heathcote Healthy Pet Club PLUS

We set up the Heathcote Healthy Pet Club a number of years ago. Membership of the club spreads the cost of a comprehensive preventative health care package and also provides a variety of discounts on other services and treatments. On 1st January 2015 we made some significant improvements to the scheme and renamed it Heathcote Healthy Pet Club PLUS.  Membership is open to dogs and cats and includes:-

  • Annual health check and vaccination

  • A further six month health check with a veterinary nurse

  • Worming products to worm your pet every three months. In cats the worming product is now spot on rather than a tablet. We believe that this will make worming cats much easier than before.

  •  Heathcote Healthy Pet Club PLUS provides monthly flea treatment with a premier product. Good flea control appears to be becoming more difficult. We believe that this new product will be significantly more effective. The new product also provides excellent protection against Lungworm in dogs, Sarcoptic mange in dogs and ear mites in dogs and cats.

  • 20% discount on neutering

  • 50% discount on the cost of microchipping

  • 10% discount on the cost of dental treatments

  • 10% discount on the cost of diest sold at the surgery

  • 10% discount on the cost of routine consultations, prescription checks and anal gland examinations

  • 15% discount off a range of long term medications for conditions including arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and hyperthyroidism

Heathcote Healthy Pet Club Prices 2016


£12.10 per month

Small Dogs (less than 10kg estimated adult weight)

£10.50 per month

Medium Dogs (10-20kg estimated adult weight)

£11.60 per month

Large Dogs (20-40kg estimated adult weight)

£12.65 per month

Very Large Dogs (more than 40kg estimated adult weight)

£13.70 per month

Heathcote Healthy Pet Club PLUS is a great way of spreading the cost of excellent preventative health care and also receiving discounts on a variety of other treatments and services. Ask at the surgery for further details.