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Pet Anxiety

Noise anxiety in pets is a recurring subject in the Autumn as the Fireworks celebrations and parties approach.  Fear and anxiety in response to noise is one of the most common behavioural concerns in dogs and cats.  Some of the triggers of noise anxiety in cast and dogs are:

• Fireworks
• Thunder
• Parties
• Construction work
• Renovating
• Household appliances
• Gunfire
• Other loud repetitive noise.

If your pet is suffering from noise anxiety, there are a few signs to look for. Here are the most typical signs of noise anxiety in cats and dogs. Is your pet showing any of them? 

• Hiding
• Trembling
• Panting
• Pacing or circling the room
• Abnormal vocalisation (barking or whining)
• Displacement behaviour like
excessive yawning or lip licking
• Need to stay close to their owner
• Hiding
• Scratching furniture
• Urine Spraying
• Overgrooming (can lead to hair loss)
• Pacing
• Vocalisation

If your pet is suffering from noise anxiety please contact the practice where we can give you advice and suggest natural calming treatments should it be necessary. 

There are simple actions you can take to reduce noise anxiety in your pet. This is especially helpful as the holiday and party season approaches. Remember, it’s not just fireworks which can cause stress in your pets: Christmas crackers, bottles, parties and loud music can also affect your pet.