Heathcote Veterinary Centre
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Consultations With The Vet

The practice vets see pets for routine and emergency consultations on a daily basis. We provide consultation sessions every weekday morning, afternoon and evening to try to accommodate pet owner's busy lives as much as possible. The practice also has consulting sessions on Saturday mornings, Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings.

We strive to provide continuity of care when ever possible as we feel it is better for your pet and you to see the same vet throughout an illness. This is not always possible as none of the vets are available all the time. Where continuity is not possible the vets actively discuss clinical situations to make the continuation of care as seamless as possible.

Despite all the advances in veterinary medicine, a thorough clinical examination and history taking remain central to good treatment. Heathcote Veterinary Centre has opted to have longer appointment times (15 minutes) than most veterinary surgeries. This is so that we can perform a more thorough service than is possible in the more traditional 10 minute or even 5 minute consultations provided by some veterinary practices.

Consultations With The Nurse

Our team of veterinary nurses run their own consultation services. Consultations with the nurses include post operative checks, dressing changes, suture removals, treatments by injection and weight management clinics. We run a number of nurse consultation sessions during the week and on Saturdays.

House Visits

The facilities and staff that are available at the surgery make treatment of pets here much preferable to treatment at home. There are however situations when home visits are preferable. If you would like to arrange a house visit for your pet please try to give the surgery as much notice as possible.