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Operations & Procedures

Operations & Procedures

The surgery performs a number of operations and procedures each day. These procedures include neutering, dental treatments, X rays and fracture repairs.

We recommend that dogs and cats have food withdrawn from 9pm on the evening before the operation. All other species should be fed as normal. Water can be left down until first thing on the morning of the operation.

If possible please give dogs an opportunity to go to the toilet before coming into the surgery for an operation. Cats should be kept inside from the evening before an operation. This should reduce the chances of cats disappearing just before they are due to come into the surgery.

Please bring pets to the surgery between 8.30am and 9.30am on the morning of the procedure. Rabbits and other small pets should ideally be accompanied by a small supply of their favourite food. This often helps these pets to eat after their operations.

All admissions are performed by a veterinary nurse or veterinary surgeon. Please leave a reliable contact number to ensure that we can contact you during or after your pet’s operation. This allows a nurse or vet to phone you after your pet’s operation.

Most of our operations and procedures go home on the day of the operation. Pets are discharged by nurses and vets depending on the nature of the operation. We will go through all of your pet’s post operative care and arrange any further appointments at that stage.

It is our aim to make your pet’s stay with us as pleasant as possible. If your pet has any specific requirements or if you have any specific extra requests whilst your pet is at the surgery please don’t hesitate to let us know.

We pride ourselves on performing neutering procedure (spays and castrates) to a very high standard at a competitive price. Further reductions on neutering prices are available to HHPC members.

Neutering Prices:-

Cat Castrate £59.22 or £47.38 for members of our HHPC scheme

Cat Spay £91.14 or £72.91 for members of our HHPC scheme

Dog Castrate £129.68 or £103.74 for members of our HHPC scheme

Dog Spay £210.11 or £168.09 for members of our HHPC scheme

These are fully inclusive prices.