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Pet Passports

The pet passport scheme has now been operational for a number of years. The scheme allows pets with passports to travel abroad and return to the UK without having to go into quarantine. Most europeon countriesa and a variety of other countries are included in the scheme.

Pet passports can be issued once a pet has been identichipped and a rabies vaccine has been administered. Pets are unable to return from abroad to the UK until 21 days after the rabies vaccine has been administered. The rabies vaccine that this practice uses needs to be boosted every three years.

Dogs must be seen by an approved vet one to five days before return to the UK. This vet will administer a tape worm treatment and complete the relevant section of the passport to confirm that this tapeworm treatment has been administered.

Dogs and cats will be checked at the departure port on the way back to the UK. The identichip and passport will be checked prior to departure.

The style of pet passports changed at the end of 2014.  You can continue to use the old style passports.

Further details of the countries included in the pet passport scheme is available on the DEFRA website. If you have any questions about the scheme please contact the practice and speak to one of our vets.